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Mudlick Mill - History

John Stump built his gristmill on the Mudlick Creek in 1817 with funds that he allegedly acquired from his brief, but successful career as a riverboat gambler. It must have been challenging to channel the waters from Mudlick Creek to his waterwheels. He had to have been a true engineer to have created his mill pond and power the two waterwheels. One was a 16' overshot waterwheel and the other a 14' undershot waterwheel. The double water wheels were located on the back side of the mill facing the mill pond. In 1837 John Stump sold his mill and moved into Germantown where he enjoyed a successful career as a merchant and banker.

John Underwood purchased the Stump Mill in 1837. The next owner of record is John Reisinger. In 1847 the mill was purchased by Christian Rohrer, a notable character in Montgomery County. Christian Rohrer made the first bourbon whiskey in Montgomery County at his distillery located in the vicinity of the mill. Christian Rohrer and John Stump founded the First National Bank in German Township.

David Rohrer, Christian Rohrer's son, assumed the distillery and mill business in 1861 and continued to produce Mudlick Whiskey nationally until 1914 when interstate transportation of alcohol became illegal.

The distillery has long since disappeared but the mill building that supplied the grain for the operation remains today. The building is 2 1/2 levels with a basement. The wooden siding was recently painted red. The foundation and basement is constructed with stone and in 1991 the basements displayed the existence of a double set of waterwheels that is extremely rare. The interior of the structure has experienced renovation and is now used privately. As of July 2012, there is a waterwheel on the right side of the mill. (Gannon, Jr. Loren S. "Mudlick Mill.") (Bibliography)

DIRECTIONS: Montgomery County. German Township. From Germantown, west on S.R. 725, 1 mile, hard left on Signal Road, 1 mile on left at the bottom of a hill. This is private property. Click Here for Google Map.
Mudlick Mill YouTube Video July 2012


Mudlick Mill Photographed 1988
Mudlick Mill, Montgomery County, Ohio. Exterior.
Mudlick Mill, Montgomery County, Ohio. Exterior.  View over mill pond.


Mudlick Mill Photographed July 2012
Mudlick Mill Germantown Ohio, Montgomery County
Mudlick Mill Germantown Ohio, Montgomery County
Mudlick Mill Germantown Ohio, Montgomery County
Mudlick Mill Germantown Ohio, Montgomery County

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