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Ye Old Mill

Ye Old Mill replaced the McNaughton's Mill, which burned in 1986. The exterior of the new building displays a wooden flume that, when operating, turns a steel wheel with an 18' diameter and a 3' width. The building houses the Velvet Ice Cream Company and parlor that sells ice cream made on the premises. A museum exhibiting antique milling equipment is also found at Ye Old Mill.

The history of the mill site began in 1817 when James King constructed a sawmill to build a gristmill. The gristmill used an overshot wooden waterwheel. This gristmill was replaced in 1827 and again in 1865. This 1865 structure stood for 103 years and was known as the McNaughton Mill. It was a 3 1/2-story frame structure with a gray slate roof that had black slate on the north side that read "Cash For Wheat." The date "1817" was displayed on the south side of the roof. A new roof replaced the slate in 1955. The mill was painted yellow with a mixture of yellow clay and linseed oil.

The water supply was always a problem at this site. The McNaughton's resisted changing from a wooden water wheel to turbines. They did incorporate a used roller in the mill in 1890.

Levi Knowlton bought the mill and closed it in 1907. David Tood removed most of the equipment in 1920. Jacob Spillman bought the mill and in 1922 and he put a roller skating rink on the second floor. (Garber)

The Velvet Ice Cream Company bought the mill on July 2, 1960. After the 1968 fire destroyed the McNaughton Mill, the Velvet Ice Cream Company built a new mill building. It does not resemble the old mill but has a Swiss construction character. Their museum of old milling equipment is on display for the public. (Ye Old Mill.")

DIRECTIONS: Licking County. Washington Township. From Utica, S.R. 13 south, 1 mile, on left, North Fork of the Licking.


Ye Old Mill, Licking County Ohio. Exterior.

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