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James Beam Windmill

The James Beam Windmill stands as a landmark at Bob Evans General Store and Restaurant in Rio Grande. The windmill was reconstructed at this location in the early 1980's.

The James Beam Windmill was originally constructed in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, by James Beam from 1961 through 1971. James Beam was always interested in historical buildings. He constructed the 30' tall windmill with local materials. The first floor is laid up with round boulders from his gravel operation. The upper two levels are covered with white shingles. The conical roof is made of tin and is painted olive green. The four-armed masts, which are not covered with sails, were imported from Holland. The arms of the masts are 20' long.

Known as a mechanical genius, James Beam constructed the mechanical parts of the mill from old parts he found in junkyards and parts from old gristmills. He used wind-power to turn the French buhrstones to produce cornmeal. The windmill operated for several seasons.

The James Beam Windmill finds itself restored and maintained on the property of Bob Evans Farm. A conscientious employee of Bob Evans, who lived in Mt. Vernon, saw the windmill as a link to the past for the Bob Evans Farm. (Leslie; "Spotlight."; Whitney).


DIRECTIONS: Gallia County. Raccoon Township. East of Rio Grande 2 miles on S.R. 35.


James Beam Windmill, Gallia County, Ohio.  Exterior.
James Beam Windmill, Gallia County, Ohio.  Exterior.

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