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Woodson's Mill History
by Brenda Krekeler
Built by Guiliford Campbell in 1794, the Woodson's Mill had four levels with a 32' square foot print. A substantial part of the original mill, including hand-hewn columns and beams, remain today as part of the mill.

In the 1840's two sets of mill stones were implemented in the mill. Those two sets of mill stones are still running at Woodson's Mill grinding white and yellow corn meal, all natural whole wheat flour, grits and many other stone ground products.

In the early 1900's, Julian B. Woodson, M.D., enlarged the mill as well as the milling business. The mill size was increased to it's current size. Today the mill has five levels. The main mill building is 45' by 30'. The office area includes four levels and has a foot print of 22' by 30' and is attached to the main mill structure. Dr. Woodson also enlarged the mill business to include an "ice house, sawmill, and foundry. . . " As well as growing his mill and other businesses, he maintained his medical practice and became a State Senator.

The mill was maintained and functioned successfully until 1963 when Dr. Woodson passed away. The new owner closed the mill and preserved it in place retaining all of the mill's equipment.

It was 20 years later that J. Gill Brockenbrough, Jr. purchased the mill. Over the next 20 years, J. Gill restored the mill and made it into the functioning stone-ground grain business it is today. J. Gill lived in the mill and truly enjoyed his task of restoring the many aspects of the mill which included: restoring the sluice gate at the dam, maintaining the dam and mill pond, building and maintenance of the head race directly to the waterwheels, fixing the mechanics at the bull gear and setting the giant waterwheels. Once the water source was in place, he was able to let the two sets of mill stones grind and rock Woodson's Mill again.

We lost J. Gill in 2001 but the work at Woodson's Mill hasn't missed a stitch. J. Gill's son, William, is grinding multiple types of grains in his large 52" diameter millstones. Will learned his Father's skills very well. He continues to run all aspects of Woodson's Mill today. He has an apprentice miller which assists with all of the various aspects. Woodson's Mill not only sells their stone-ground grains locally, but also throughout the U.S. while assisting their customers with the most secure and economical shipping methods.

Woodson's Mill is open to the public every Saturday Noon - 4:00 pm In Season. Not only can you purchase all kinds of water-powered, stone-ground grains but you will be able to view the impressive 24' diameter waterwheel that powers the giant 3,000 pound mill stones. With just a short walk you can discover the head race above and behind the waterwheel, the beautiful mill pond, the dam and sluice gate. Remember, you are in the Appalachian Mountains here and they are spectacular! (resource: http://woodsonsmill.com/)
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Woodson's Mill
Watch a remarkable 9-minute video about Woodson's Mill
Open to the Public: Saturdays Noon - 4:00 pm In Season
Mailing Address:
3211 Lowesville Road, Roseland, VA 22967
Google Map Built for you to find Woodson's Mill
Google Entrance to Woodson's Mill
3198 Lowesville Rd
Arrington, VA 22922
37.717076, -79.062129
Little Piney River
Nelson County Virginia
William Brockenbrough, Owner and Miller
Woodson's Mill, Roseland VA
On the left is Will's Father, J. Gill Brockenbrough Jr.
William Brockenbrough, on the right, is the current owner of Woodson's Mill
To buy water-powered, ground grains from Woodson's Mill
Click Here: http://woodsonsmill.com/collections/frontpage
Here you can find:
All Natural Grits, Three-Grain Pancake Mix, Hushpuppy & Batter Mix, All Natural White Corn Meal, All Natural Yellow Corn Meal, All Natural Whole Wheat Flour, All Natural Buckwheat Flour and All Natural Yellow Grits

Main Page, History & Miller Exterior & Waterwheels Mill Pond, Dam & Race Millstones, Hook & Crane
Roller Mills Mechanics Historic Photos Video Virginia Mill List